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The SP & PFE lettering book is still for sale - you can buy it here: https://sphts.myshopify.com/products/southern-pacific-freight-car-painting-and-lettering-guide

May 2021 - Wow. It's been over 6 months since I wrote anything here. A few medical issues popped up, but I'm healthy now and got my COVID-19 vaccine. Have added some more UP data and painting info, but several projects not finished yet. Will announce when they are done.

September 2020 - Uploaded lots of photos (May 2021 - and still more to come) from various Railfanning trips at:

August 2020 - Finished new gallery on PFE Wood Ice car rebuilds and data for classes R-30/40-18, -19, -21, and -24. More later, maybe.

March 2020 - Still need to finish scanning the second half of the book of post-WP & MP merger UP Freight Car Diagrams, plus some PFE diagrams - maybe soon. May 2021 - Yeah this is still not finished.

2020 - Still looking for info as to why UP put 36" Red Dots on the doors of boxcars in the late 1960s. Much of what I know is in a gallery in the "UP Freight Car Painting & Lettering" folder. If you have any ideas about the reason for those Red Dots, please contact me at: Dick -dot- Harley4UP -at- verizon -dot- net

This site will probably always be under construction. Keep checking back for more detail train photos, drawings, diagrams, model photos and other data.